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D&D Story: When Rogue Used A Powerful Ancient Technique To Interrogate A Prisoner

March 25, 2021 All Things DnD
All Things DnD's Story Dungeon
D&D Story: When Rogue Used A Powerful Ancient Technique To Interrogate A Prisoner
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My party reaches a large coastal city at the southern reaches of the main country in the campaign. The bordering country has been fighting with them for sometime now. The conflict is escalating from border skirmishes to all out war. 

The party gets caught in the tavern as warships approach in the bay and blast the city with cannon volleys.

They realize that not only is the attack carried out by the bordering country, but the attack is a diversion to allow an elite group of warriors into the castle to assassinate the city's Duke and his family.

Everyone immediately rushes into the castle.

They catch two heavily armored knights attacking the Duke's daughter. The party and castle guards descend on the attacking knights. Elite was an understatement because these two knights kill most of the castle guards before the party manages to kill one and knock the other one down. The Captain of the Guard orders his men to kill the nearly unconscious knight but the rogue holds up her hand and recommends they keep him alive to interrogate. 

The Captain agrees. 

Beaten and bloodied the remaining guards take the prisoner and the party to the Duke, who the party considers a friend at this point in the campaign.

The Duke rewards them with platinum for saving his daughter and tells the guards to send the prisoner off to the dungeon to be interrogated.

The Rogue requests the Duke allow her and her friends to interrogate the prisoner because she's had experience in the past. Part of her backstory.

The Duke allows it but specifically requests the prisoner be left alive when they are done with him.

Cut to the dungeon. It’s cold stone, metal bars and a whole bunch of suffering. Typical dungeon stuff. 

The whole party and a handful of guards attempt to interrogate the prisoner.

Warlock and rogue attempt a good cop, bad cop routine to minimal success.

Cleric attempts, “zone of truth” but the prisoner avoids answering or responds as vaguely as possible.

With all non-violent attempts to get information exhausted things got...worse.

They try finger nail removal, tooth removal, dozens of slow cuts from a dull blade, slowly crushing/cutting off a finger and a toe, nothing works.

It should be noted for those crying foul, the party did pull some information from the prisoner at this point, but it was disjointed and didn't make much sense immediately, so they assumed it was unimportant. They were puzzle pieces to a larger picture the group finds out later after collecting more information.

Several hours in game later, the party and guards leave the rogue to continue interrogation alone because she thinks she can work best by herself.

The rogue stands directly in front of the prisoner chained to the dungeon wall in a T pose.

"It's led to this, friend. You had to make it hard for yourself, so I'm gonna have to resort to drastic measures. You're either gonna tell me what I need to know, or you're dying here tonight." she said.

The prisoner doesn't react, the rogue’s intimidation fails.

She shrugs and says, "I’m going to use an ancient technique that will pull the truth from you, and I'm a master at it. Ready? Here we go."

The Rogue’s player looks me dead in the eye and says, "I punch him in the junk."

The whole party busts out laughing.

She rolls for the attack, hits.

The prisoner recoils in obvious pain but doesn't react further.

The Rogue continues the cycle of punching him in the junk, looking to see if the guy will say anything, he doesn't, so she goes back to punching him again over and over. She repeated this cycle probably 20 times.

I fast forward the interrogation to 30 minutes in game later and describe the prisoner's pants in the crotch area are ripped and bloody. The prisoner’s head is lolling from side to side, he is gasping for air weakly and grimacing in severe pain. 

"You wanna talk yet?"

The prisoner lifts his head and spits a thick gob of blood and spittle at the rogue, "Screw you."

“A few more of these,” she held up her fist menacingly, “and that won’t be possible,” she said with a laugh then shrugged, "That’s okay. I actually prefer it this way." And continues just hammering away at this dude's junk. She just goes off on him like a professional boxer on a speedbag. She is so focused on hitting him that she no longer stops to see if he'll say anything.

I describe his worsening condition but she just keeps going.

I cleared my throat and interrupt the savagery, "Okay well, uh... So with the last punch you notice him gasp one last time. He exhales lazily as his body goes limp in the chains."

"Can I tell if he passed out?" the Rogue asked.

"Oh no, he's dead. You literally hit him enough times to kill him twice over based on hit points."

She panics because she forgot she had to keep him alive. The party laughs.

She quickly pulls out a vial of poison she had and pours a bit down his throat to make it look like he had a poison capsule hidden in his cheek that he bit down on to kill himself.

She immediately leaves the dungeon, slips into the party's guest chambers, and climbs into bed while everyone else is asleep.

The next morning the Duke requests the party's audience in the grand hall.

He announced that the prisoner had died in the night, to which the rogue swore he was alive before she left him.

One of the Duke's physicians enters and explains "It indeed appears either the prisoner had some form of a poison capsule with which he bit down upon to end his own life and save any information from being coerced, or, someone else gained access to the dungeon and forced him to swallow poison."

“A possible mole in our midst? Perhaps they snuck into the dungeon to silence them?" The Duke asked.

“Possibly,” the physician continued, "Although, curious to note, his pelvis was absolutely crushed, and there was indeed no sign of his reproductive organs."

All eyes in the grand hall turn to the rogue.

"Anc.. Ancient... interrogation technique..." she said with a shrug.